Hybrid (saxophone quartet)

Saxophone quartet | Duration: 5-6 min

The composition 'Hybrid' consists of five short movements containing musical elements taken from Bach's 'Concerto Italien' and Haydn's 'Quator en fa minor'. These works were on the program together with 'Hybrid' during the premiere of this work by the North Netherlands Saxophone Quartet. For this reason, the composition can be seen as a hybrid/mixed form; the intersection between material coming from different sources. Besides this topic, which mainly influenced the musical building blocks (DNA) of the work, another starting point was a minimalist approach to the material, in order to arrive at an energetic whole from small/short motifs. In parts 1, 3 and 5 the focus is on rhythm and harmony. Parts 2 and 4, on the other hand, are fundamentally about the creation of lyricism. For this reason the given hybrid can also be linked to the form of the composition as a whole.


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