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Saint Dodo of Haska was born in Friesland in the 12th century. His life was characterized by spirituality, miraculous healings, visions, prophecies and affiliation with Mariëngaarde, a monastery in Hallum. From Mariëngaarde he was sent, at his own request, to a place in Bakkeveen, to lead a devout and 'servant' life. At a later moment he also lived in a hermitage in Haske (nowadays Kapelle van Haskerdijken), where he would eventually die after the roof of his hermitage would collapse.This composition contains melodies from the time of Dodo of Haska.They form a musical base in this composition which focuses on the person Dodo of Haska.


Instrumentatie: Brass band

Grade: 3

Tijdsduur: 7-8 min (distributed by AM Music)

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