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Blending Colors is written for C.M.V. Oranje Grootegast, conducted by Pieter Bosma, to celebrate their 100th anniversary in 2020. The title refers to the process of blending colors to create new colors. By blending the color red (this color symbolizes excitement, energy and passion) and the color yellow (this color symbolizes joy, happiness and optimism) you get orange.
Two hymns, which are closely related to Oranje Grootegast, are important ingredients of this composition: 'St. Columba' and the Swedish hymn 'Mästare, alla söka dig'. They form a musical blend, resulting in musically sounding 'roots and colors' of Oranje Grootegast.


Instrumentatie: Fanfare

Grade: 3

Tijdsduur: 3-4 min (distributed by AM Music)

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