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The title 'And there I find You' is taken from the lyrics of the song 'Oceans' by the band Hillsong. This song, along with 'Pride' by U2 and 'How Great Thou Art' formed a starting point for composing this autonomous composition, which was specially written for the wedding of Esther and Pieter Koehoorn. It was their desire to have these songs ( which were meaningful to them) be part of a new work to be composed. Some quotations from these songs can be heard. The composition starts small, from a single note, and builds up to a 'grandioso' moment in the middle movement. The finale forms a transition to the chorale 'How Great Thou Art'. This chorale can optionally be played after the conclusion of this composition.


Instrumentatie: Fanfare

Grade: 3

Tijdsduur: 5-6 min (distributed by AM Music)

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