Where Earth and Sky meet (Fanfare)

Fanfare | Grade: 4 | Duration: 9-10 min

'Where Earth and Sky meet' was written on the occasion of C.M.V. Burdine's fiftieth anniversary. The work contains several themes that are closely related to the band. One of the themes is the concept of connection, because the society originated from a fusion of two societies, namely 'Soli Deo Gloria' and 'Excelsior' from Sint Annaparochie and Vrouwenparochie. The subject of connection is translated in a musical way by the 'clashing' of consonances and rhythms and also the contrast to them: their fusion. Another theme originates from the association's surroundings, Het Bildt, created from clay, water and the sea. The title refers (among other things) to this beautiful vast landscape, the views and the horizon. This subject is translated (programmatically) into motifs and bourdon sounds that serve as sound metaphors for this environment. A third theme, the Christian identity of the Society, is presented in the work through the chorale "Angelus," known to many as chorale No. 3 from the "120 hymns for band. This chorale is of special meaning to the band and is repeated in phrases throughout the work. It has also served as the DNA for other melodies.

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