Tuba Vocalis (Tuba)

Tuba | Duration: 6-7 min

Tuba Vocalis was written for Luc Geraats on the occasion of the production of his first solo album 'Tuba Vocalis'. This solo album includes cello suite no. 1 by Bach in a version for Tuba. The commission for this composition was to form a bridge between the idiom of the cello suite and contemporary music. For this reason, the work Tuba Vocalis includes musical gestures that are also found in Bach's cello suite. For example, arpeggio-like figures in which lead tones add an extra melodic layer. Vocality and lyricism play an important role in this way. The vocal aspect is also reflected in techniques such as multiphonics and specific ornamentation. The composition consists of a number of connected movements, in each of which lyricism plays a role in its own way.


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